Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate your being and your curiosity for stopping by to check out this website that I made…because I can, but also, it’s pretty cool, right?

You see, I’ve found that real people make the best friends and that the greatest connections come in those rare and lovely moments when life’s challenges feel most poignant and meaningful. It hasn’t been easy to learn, but the rewards have been greatest when I have overcome the most fear.

So now I’m being hipster about dating. I’m going indie. Cutting the cord. 

In 2019, The veritable Digital Age, you won’t find me on any singles apps or dating sites. I’m on Facebook, but not ON Facebook. I don’t Tweet or Snap or…OK…I do use Instagram. Guilty pleasure. We’ll see how long it lasts. Giving you my card took guts.

The only way to meet me is to stumble upon me in person or to be introduced by a common acquaintance, the way that real live, flesh & blood humans have gathered together to do for all of history. This site isn’t a suave pickup line or a numbers game. There’s no swiping, “liking,” poking, or waving. It’s just me and I want to be known.

You might call this my “Résumé d’amor.” I made it for you, to introduce myself gracefully and respectfully, because…it’s a minefield out there sometimes, and I prefer to tread lightly. You get a lot of attention, I understand. Every impression matters, and anxiety is at an all time high. I’m trying to face it head on, get out of my comfort zone, and make some exciting new friends. I want us to know each other, but I want it to be easy to do. I created a little window, because I believe that if you look inside you’ll like what you discover. I’m handy, loyal, and popular with grandmothers.

If you see me again, say hello! If you’re dying to give me a piece of your mind for whatever reason, I made a Contact Form so you can let me know exactly where to stick it…totally anonymously. Or you could use it to tell me I’m handsome and wonderful and send me your number so I can call you some time and thank you personally. That could be all right. I might be into that. Oh, who am I kidding? Please do that…

In any case, I am happy that you’re here to visit and I hope to bump into you again soon. Blessed Wishes, whoever you are! 

I am, therefore I think.

Get Action, Be Sane.

I like to do stuff. Stuff is fun to do. I like turtles…

You like Money? WHAT?! I like Money. I can’t believe you like Money, too!

For reals, tho…I have a ton of hobbies and things I enjoy doing. It’s good to make lists, and making lists is totally a fun thing I like to do, but I’m not going to do it here. That would be boring. Sometimes I don’t mind being boring, but this doesn’t feel like the best place to do it. See, I’m starting to bore you, aren’t I? Go check out the Jokes page!

If you wanted to know a little bit more about what I’m about, you might ask me about my favorite things to cook, or what kinds of tabletop games I enjoy. I might shove a delicious taco in your fist and challenge you to chess or ask if you want to do the crossword together, but more likely I’d offer to bake you some cookies and DM some newbie D&D for you, unless you’re a seasoned adventurer, in which case, you’ve got to see the table I built. It’s a minor achievement, but still an achievement. Don’t worry, you still get to have (and eat) the cookies.

Speaking of building things, one of the reasons I always prefer to have a house with a basement is to have a place to put all my tools to good use. Are there any projects you need done around your house? Any cool shit you’ve ever wanted to build? Let’s do it! I love working with my hands. I’m an excellent handyman and I always have some little project going on to keep myself busy. Want to learn about 3D printing? Make some miniatures or some art or jewelry? It’s absolutely as cool and fun as it sounds.

Also, I’ve been an athlete my entire life, and though I’m not all about smashing my body to bits anymore, I do still enjoy a good struggle snuggle. I’ve competitively played football, baseball, soccer, basketball, softball, kickball, dodgeball, and roller-hockey, but nothing compares to the exhilaration of a grappling match to the point of submission. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been my sport since the first time I tried it in 2011, and it would be tremendous to have a partner who supported me in training and competition. To go a step further, I am passionate about self-defense as a personal responsibility, and I would very much like to teach you what I know. Learning to fight, and teaching others a skill that provides real, practical confidence, has been the most humbling and powerful experience I’ve had. Of course, co-ed softball in the summertime is always such a blast…but it’s not quite the same rush.

When I get outside, I know a ton of awesome dispersed camp spots and swimming holes. My 4Runner LOVES the mountain. Many of my hikes involve throwing plastic discs at trees along the way, but I find most of them eventually, and I’m always up for an adventure. I’ll drive, you navigate.

Have you ever hunted mushrooms? Do you like to pick fruit? Living in Portland for more than a decade has been kind in that regard. I know of many bountiful places. My friends are mostly party-campers, so we don’t do a ton of backpacking, but I truly enjoy exploring the woods. It reminds me of being a little kid, playing in the forest at West Point on Saturday mornings. I also love climbing on trees and rocks and walls and things, but I’m not exactly a “climber.”

You might ask, with all this time on my hands, what do I do for work? Well, pimpin’ ain’t ea-oh who am I kidding? I work 9-6, Monday-Friday, as an IT guy for a datacenter downtown. I fix computers, mostly for medical and dental offices. I like my job. It pays well, I get good benefits, and I like my co-workers a lot. I have a fair amount of responsibility and a lot of potential to grow. That being said, it’s work. If we didn’t talk about it, it wouldn’t break my heart. When I’m not working, I spend time socializing, mostly. Game night, movie night, D&D Sunday. Working out at the gym when I feel motivated. There’s always a party not too far away, also, and I’m relatively well known in my neighborhood for being an excellent host.

By no means is this summary exhaustive. I’m finding out new interests all the time. Did you know that standing on your head for a few minutes every day is super fun and really good for you?? Neither did I!!

The bottom line is, if we have similar interests, I can always make time for you, and the kind of partner I’m looking for can always make time for me.

Wanna know more about my tastes? Check out the Library.

Ready to start a conversation? Hit me up. It’s your move.

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