Professional Reference

In my professional life, I have made dozens of close connections and helped many clients, customers, and co-workers with a wide-range of business concerns. It would be impossible to list them all. However, in all of my roles, I’ve been known as a guy who gets things done and has fun doing it. Rarely have I had a bad experience on the job, and I call on the following colleagues to verify my professionalism, work ethic, and dedication to a job well done. Most of them can also vouch for my technical skill. Ask for yourself. I’m certain the reviews will be positive.

David Tombleson – Supervisor; WyEast Tactical & Client; Alternation LLC – 503-522-5530

Bill Robertson – Former manager; BBH Media – 540-308-5686

Ken Coomes – Former supervisor; Ricoh USA – 503-515-5747

Parker Audet – Client; AlterNation LLC – 845-337-2462

Kacie Long – Former Supervisor; Heartland Payment Systems – kacie.long@e-hps.com208-340-1075