Recommended Browsing

If you catch me taking an extended lunch break, I probably just lost track of time while perusing one of my favorite sites. I promise to get back to work right away.

W3 Schools – Online Web Development Tutorials

XKCD – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

Dinosaur Comics – Read it and weep tears of laughter. Fossilized, dino tears.

StumbleUpon – Random website generator.

TorrentFreak – Recent Happenings in the BitTorrent community – Information about the Paleo Diet and related nutritional articles.

Stack Overflow – A website every IT professional should know

Reddit – The Front Page of the Internet

iwantmoar – Cover your ears and click!

Windows Secrets – Everything Microsoft forgot to mention

Astronomy POtD – Images from NASA and around the universe

Stereomood – Turn your mood into music

Soundcloud – Now hear this…